Balnarring Picnic Races

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Balnarring Picnic Racing Club Inc

Terms & Conditions for the use of Hospitality Facilities

As a hirer of a marquee site, corporate space or hospitality facility (Shared Facility) I agree to the following:

  1. To ensure that all attendees at the Shared Facility abide by the Entry Terms & Conditions which may be inspected at
  2. To provide the name, address, telephone number and email address of the person responsible for overseeing the provision of service and conduct of all attendees at the Shared Facility and who will be the contact point required by Club Officials and Victoria Police.
  3. To ensure that guests and visitors to the Shared Facility comply with all relevant laws and observe the regulations relating to the responsible service and consumption of alcohol.
  4. To never allow minors to consume or possess alcohol within the Shared Facility.
  5. To respect the Club facilities and surrounds.
  6. To observe all reasonable directions of Racing Club Officials, Victoria Police, Racing Stewards and other Racing Victoria Officials.
  7. To hire any marquee infrastructure and associated equipment only through a contractor approved by the Racing Club.
  8. To indemnify the Racing Club against any liability for or in respect of any claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings, costs, expenses, loss, damage, injury or death of any person arising out of or in connection with the conduct of any attendee at the Shared Facility
  9. That these Terms & Conditions are subject to the Racing Club Refund Policy which may be inspected at